ICT stretchable, flexible circuit boards can achieve all the complexities of conventional rigid or rigid-flex printed circuit boards, including:

  • Multi-layer
  • Plated through holes
  • High tolerance trace widths
  • Compatibility with surface mount and through hole components
  • Compatibility with multiple I/O component
  • BGA
  • FPGA
  • QFP
  • QFN

We can tailor our stretchable, flexible circuit boards to meet any design criterion, including:

  • Stretchability to high strain
  • Flexibility to tight radius of curvature
  • Multi-axis flexibility and conformability
  • Ability to conform to arbitrary surfaces
  • Reduced dimensional tolerances
  • Low connection forces
  • Preferential bending location for assembly


12-layer wrist-worn board


Stretchable board for heart cell stimulation


Stretchable board for heart cell stimulation