We work to provide our customers with flexible and stretchable solutions tailored to their specific needs. ICT’s method of operation can be as hands-off as licensing our technology or as hands-on as delivering flexible/stretchable circuit boards from a customer’s schematic. Whatever your needs, ICT has a way to bring our stretchable, flexible technology to your application.


For volume production, ICT will license our patent-pending, stretchable, flexible electronics technology to a customer and provide support through the board design and development process.

ICT Development-Customer Manufacturing:

ICT will develop the boards, including supplying pre-production boards for customer evaluation, then transition the production to the customer or customer’s manufacturer.

ICT Supplied Hardware:

For low volume applications, including prototypes, ICT will be responsible for the design, manufacture and delivery of the stretchable, flexible boards. Manufacturing will be done by one of our partners.

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