ICT technology is also enabling the next generation of energy harvesting. Our stretchable, flexible circuit boards are also compatible with any kind of photovoltaics as well as thermoelectric generators (TEGs).

Our high efficiency flexible photovoltaic arrays can be worn e.g. on a backpack or around a helmet, and used to charge batteries for portable electronics, or can be integrated directly into wearable electronic devices that exploit our flexible boards. Similarly, our flexible photovoltaics can conform to complex curvatures, bending to wrap around a tent or roof. Our stretchable, flexible photovoltaics are also highly portable, as they can be rolled into a compact tube or flattened and folded tightly into a box or other container for transport, then quickly unrolled, or unfolded for use.

Our TEG arrays can fit to any geometry to extract valuable energy anywhere for any purpose, from a wrist-worn TEG device which powers a health monitor to a TEG array which wraps around a hot outlet pipe to improve heat efficiency.


ICT stretchable silicon solar panel


ICT’s wrist-worn TEG device to extract body heat